Saturday, June 16, 2012

Self Care

I spent last night nourishing my inner Diva and watching chick flicks. I wanted needed to feel girly, sexy, seductive, glamorous and pampered.  I believe in pampering.  I believe in taking care of myself but I notice that I neglect the most important part of me - the spiritual part. 

It has become so easy to allow myself to get bogged down in the unglamorous day to day that I not only appear frumpy, I feel frumpy.  Is this because we look to the external to make us feel a certain way?  In the immortal words of Billy Crystal (portraying Fernando Lamas) "It is better to look good than to feel good."  If you are too young to remember this SNL skit - look it up on Hulu or YouTube - it's hilarious.  To a certain extent I do believe that looking our best helps us feel our best.  It's just that we have taken this concept too far.  We doll up the outside and have an inside that looks like a monster and we feel that is okay.  We think we can fake it.  Yes, most of us do fake it, but there are enlightened beings that realize - I look marvelous yet I feel awful.  I was that person and if not careful I can still be that person.  Life does NOT have to be unglamorous.  You should feel and be glamorous whether you are baking sticky buns, having a mani and pedi, sipping coffee or knee deep in the hoopla of the day.  Glamour comes from within.  It has nothing to do with what you have on or whether your makeup is impeccable.  It has everything to do with how you feel!

I have worn the most expensive of items, have purchased the top of the line of everything and I kept purchasing.  I was looking for the next best feeling.  I always managed to find it but I always kept looking for bigger, better, faster...this quest became endless and I was still empty.

Recently (within the past two years), my focus and reality shifted.  I pared down the physical - lost weight.  I donated, sold, freecycled many of my possessions and started paying attention to what the hungry spiritual part of me needed (not wanted) and things fell into place.

The key is REMEMBERING!  Remember who you are.  Remember your purpose.  Remember why you are here.  Remember to nourish your body, mind and soul.  Remember that your outward appearance is not who you are.  Remember to allow the beautiful, magnificent inner light to shine for all to see.  Regardless of what you have been through, what you have or have not done or what others have told you...let that light of beauty shine.

Do whatever it takes to nourish your inner Diva - take time for you.  I recommend morning and evening long, slow and relaxing meditations and short meditations throughout your day.  This keeps the glamour going.

Try this one on for size, my beautiful spirited friends:

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