Sunday, September 1, 2013

It's Sunday again...

It's the beginning of September.  Where did the months go?  I am very partial to September for several reasons.  1.  September is my birthday month; 2. the weather begins to cool off; 3. the leaves begin to change and 4. we begin our descent into fall.  I am a fall girl in every sense of the word.

I love Sunday and I sit here today musing at the fact that it is Labor Day and I'm excited.  I have a day off!  So what are my plans for my day off?  NOTHING! 

I am going to catch up on my blogging, vlogs on youtube, work on my natural hair, go through clothes, write a few review and spend time in meditation.

This morning I baked biscuits!  Breads and sweets are my kryptonite.  I love hot, fresh bread with good butter.  I love fresh baked cakes, pies and cookies.  It is a treat when I make home made goodies and I no longer overindulge but it is a meditative state for me and I need the nourishment from the act of baking as well as the act of eating today.

Hang we begin our slide into fall!