Friday, October 14, 2011

Food as Art - especially Chocolate

I was headed to pick up lunch yesterday and I spied Cacao in, of all places, Buckhead. OMG! I couldn't wait to head back North on Peachtree Road towards Lenox Mall.

I love Cacao. I found it years ago, delicately hidden in the Virginia Highlands area. I snuck in during Kristen Hard's (the Owner) grand opening and thought I had died and gone to Artisan Chocolate heaven. I bought at least one of everything she had that day. The Marshmallows were exquisite. The chocolate...listen Muses...this is how chocolate should be. Revered, honored, adored, nibbled and mused over.

I love chocolate and no matter how good a chocolate is touted to be, my initial response is to scarf it down. This is not the case in the amazing ethereal creations from Cacao. Whoa unto the individual that does not savor every sensual lingering bite of Cacao's creations!

I stopped in the Buckhead location and was close to tears as the wonderful associate catered to my every need. I was in a hurry to get back to the office (because I had been designated to pick up lunch) but I managed to grab a gorgeous assortment of chocolates. One of them was made with aged Scotch (be still my heart - I grabbed two of them for my sigot). I bought a Cacao and coffee bar emblazoned with bees! Oh how I love bees! I have to admit that I just ate a small square of this creation with a cup of coffee. HEAVEN!!! I also snagged these succulent maraschino cherries. These are NOT your Mother's maraschino cherries. These are deep dark decadence and in a shade of a sexy red (for all of fashionistas and Muses..think Kevyn Aucoin's bloodroses lippie). These cherries will rest gingerly in brandy and used to make a fabulous Manhattan.

The chocolate purchase...well, I had to fight myself not to eat it at work. I knew Kristen's work and knew it would be a disservice if I ate this creation in a rush. I fought and I fought hard and managed to make it home. I set the scene and mood - a long warm bath scented with basil, candles everywhere and a glass of red wine. I ate two pieces of chocolates as I drifted and drank wine. All is well in my world.

Please go see Kristen and her beautiful space. You won't regret it. You won't regret the money you spend either. This chocolate is meant to be savored, enjoyed, contemplated and nibble oh so lightly.

Treat yourself...SOON!!!