Sunday, August 26, 2012

Do what you love...

As I am sitting here watching Julie & Julia...the passion in this movie excites and ignites me like nothing else.  So often we go through the motions and never have or feel any passion.

No matter your matter what you matter what you do...pour yourself into it.  LIVE!  FEEL!  BE!!!!

I cook and I'm a great cook...a new friend of mine heard about my business venture and bought me a Julia Child cookbook.  I have to admit that initially I wasn't interested.  My friend is a fabulous cook.  When we retreat to her (and her husband's) house in the NC mountains, we are treated with homemade bagels, brownies so rich they melt in your mouth, roasted and succulent meats and the most heavenly pastries ever - always coupled with a cup of coffee.  She advised me to watch Julia and Julie - I looked for it in Redbox but didn't see it and my local Blockbuster has closed.  Last night as I was surfing the television channels - I groaned as the movie had 10 minutes left.  I checked for more show times and found another showing.  I am taping it so I can watch it again and again.

When I received Julia's massive cook book in the mail - I could think of several other cookbooks I'd rather have.  I took the book to bed with me and read it.  In that brief time, I remembered watching Julia Child on Public Television with my Mother.  I remembered Julia's accent, I remembered my Mother flipping food (successfully for the most part) out of a pan and some of the recipes she made and I turned my nose up at them. 

As I read - a brand new world opened up to me.  I had severely dated Julia Child to the 70s.  Aspic...really who eats it and why?  Yes, there are several things in her book that I would never make BUT without a doubt, Mrs. Child was ahead of her time.  She was passionate and efficient...the things that I seek.

Her cookbook was a lesson in passion for me...for my business and for my life...

For years I watched passionate people being passionate about everything from running to sports to music...but where was my passion?  Quite simply, it had been murdered.  By me and by anyone I'd let get close to my passion. 

I made a pledge that I would go wholeheartedly into every task I could and would's time consuming.  Sometimes I get frustrated and angry.  Sometimes I hate it and want to run away or blame someone else...anyone else. 

When I passionately move forward things go better and go faster.  Things look better and I develop more confidence to take on more things.

Never in a million years would I have tackled the projects I tackled - I painted my downstairs, I am organized, I took a class on organization and in one short month...I'm amazing.  I made a bow for my new front door wreath.  I bought cushions for my wicker chairs and didn't care if the colors weren't appropriate for fall...I liked them.  I bought a pair of purple suede's that for passion?  I lost 35 pounds and am still losing. 

What you love, being passionate and doing it - only need you and your time.  I promise you - the journey to passion is easy once you take the first step.  Ask yourself what it is that you love...then do it.

That is all there is to it..