Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hello from cold, snowy and icy Atlanta

This is the second time in as many weeks that this has happened to us.  Today we have rain and beautifully frozen icy trees.

I always welcome time to be home - even if I am ill.  I love being home.  This is one of my goals...dare I say it?  To be a housewife.  There...I said it.  Those would be considered fighting words years ago.  It doesn't matter who doesn't care for my decisions and choices.  It's what I want.

With all the wondrous women - stay at home Moms, housewives, work from home moms and wives...I think it is time we remove the stigma for those of us that want this type of lifestyle.

I work a very stressful job and honestly my profession can be a stressful one.  Couple that with being engaged to a soldier that is not stationed in the same state I am in...coordination can become a beast.

Requesting time off - I have the time and in a perfect world I should be able to take it when I need to.  My soldier deployed last year and I needed two weeks off.  Never mind I get a month of vacation a year - one manager was besides himself that I asked for two weeks off. 

Running a household alone - enough said

Running multiple households - enough said

What glorious freedom to be home.  Saturday and Sunday do not provide enough time to run errands, clean and catch up.  I do, however, subscribe to The FLY lady's way of cleaning and I do have things under control - or at least a bit better.

So today...I slept in, rested, entertained my neighbor, meditated, prayed, cleaned and organized.  I even have time to study for my real estate test!  SWEET!

Here's to staying at home...and loving it!

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